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W Haughton are a premier consulting and construction firm specialising in providing expert services to local authorities and the construction and building trades.

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W Haughton Consulting and Construction Ltd is a multifunctional, customer-centric UK based company. We specialise in conducting independent complaint investigations for local Authorities across the UK and recruit various business professionals from Project Managers to Business Improvement Specialists, and more.

Our construction services include supplying skilled tradespeople such as Builders and Civil Engineers for domestic and commercial projects. All of our skilled workers are fully qualified and have a vast amount of experience in their respective fields.

Looking to Recruit?

If you are looking to hire staff for your organisation then please contact us.

Our team are able to source high-quality, reliable staff across a variety of sectors including construction and other industries too.

Our aim is to provide a seamless service to our clients and help kickstart their projects through a tailored and structured approach. 

W Haughton

What We Do


Fully trained staff

Our recruitment service is designed to bring qualified tradespeople and professionals to the industries and sectors which need them the most.


Independent complaint investigations

We work with local authorities across the UK to support in complaint investigations. Our service is impartial and independent.


Property management

We can also help manage properties across the UK to help landlords and agencies with the sale, rental and leasing.

W Haughton

Why Choose Us

Consulting Experts

We provide a range of consulting services to construction companies and local authorities which helps them streamline their processes.


We aim to connect companies with high quality staff who are able to work to a high standard and support your business when you need it the most.