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Transparent & Unbiased Investigations

Public trust is paramount, and W Haughton is proud to be a leading provider of independent complaint investigations for Local Authorities nationwide. Our team of highly trained and experienced investigators upholds the highest ethical standards, providing transparent and unbiased assessments to resolve issues and foster greater community confidence.

Transparency and Fairness

we understand the critical importance of impartiality and expertise in navigating complex children’s social care matters. That’s why we offer comprehensive access to a network of highly qualified and rigorously vetted Independent Investigators, Independent Persons, and Pane Members, specially trained in handling Stage 2 and Stage 3 complaints and investigations.

Empowering Your Business

Our seasoned recruitment experts recognise that every business has unique talent needs. At W Haughton, we leverage our extensive network and deep industry knowledge to identify and attract exceptional professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team’s DNA. We deliver tailored solutions that bridge the talent gap and fuel your sustainable growth.

Recruitment of Construction Workers

We understand the backbone of any successful construction project is a skilled and experienced workforce. We go beyond simple recruitment, providing comprehensive solutions to match your needs with construction professionals. We offer a wide range of skilled trades, from Civil Engineers to Carpenters. Also includes experienced Builders, Masons, Welders, Labourers, and Cleaners.

Our clients work with us to help streamline their construction projects and develop more manageable and targeted strategies.